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In Super​-​8

by Ember Rev

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Off We Go 04:49
I took you for a drive Through the city by night You said, did I remember? Well, how could I forget? And turning from amber to green We floored it down narrowing streets Back to the fields You said, come on, off we go! Silent, so silent Save for the beat of the wipers, we sat Half closing our eyes The better to see everything As it had been And turning from wild-eyed to worn We huddled like wrecks on the shore So cold, so cold You said, come on, off we go!
Replacements 04:12
I thought I was dreaming Then I felt the air My quickening breath and a sense of loss On every corner At every door Voices raised, voices lost Well I am the son of a father Who left in the blink of an eye… I survived But everything I did I did for him I thought we were looking To drive bigger cars And live in bigger houses that tower down I thought we were waiting For the fruit of the trees To bend the branches down I’m not the only one fooling myself again… So I search for replacements I thought we were drifting in and out of years All at sea, all lost.. Well I am the child of a mother Who picked up the pieces of her life and survived But everything she did she did for him
We were fighting, fighting for our lives Or so it seemed We were right there at the coal face You had hold of houses On the south side of the park I defended the trees And in our empire In our worlds we were Kings and Queens And the lands we held were fine and plenty Such dreams… But I never wanted this I never wanted this Be careful what you wish for child Your empire may materialise Sooner or later With everything you wished for child But I never wanted this We were fighting, fighting for our lives With the daylight fading You were called for dinner before the mission’s end I defended the peace
There were days we would waste Making sense of the shapes The abstractions and the silhouettes There were days we would walk Through the briars and through the gorse The wild and the weak and the vain I remember when it was all fields around here And you used to say There would always be the space for us to hide There would always be the steels and twisted timbers The tallest reeds They would always be and we would never leave I would hope for the day I could follow you upstream To your source and find a spring within the soil A root of all your pain And for the day they would come, Try to separate us Then, seeing the errors of their ways, Just let us be
Super-8 04:03
Indignity 02:15
I am innocent of any charge You may hope to press And these lines that dance like lightening at my eye They do not attest For I was never the beacon of hope I was never the model And there is little here you could Measure of virtue You may find deep in the darkest corners of your mind The answers why For it makes no sense But we are accidents waiting to happen We will collide and we may find Deep in the darkest corners of your mind The answers why But I am innocent of any charge You may hope to press


Ember Rev’s first album appeared in 2017, a year after we first started playing together.

Songs from the album made up our first live sets, although a number of other even earlier songs existed which were intended for an acoustic ep but never recorded.

This re-appraising and re-working is an attempt to capture the character of the songs as they sounded when performed live. This was not represented in the earlier arrangements which I felt compromised the songs themselves; songs that we still play to this day.

Dan Ecclestone, February 2023


released March 17, 2023

Ember Rev 2017

Written and played by Dan Ecclestone

With Ian Pickering: Drums

Mixed by Simone Silvestroni @ Minutes to Midnight

Mastered by Ian Shepherd @ Mastering Media


all rights reserved



Ember Rev Cambridge, UK

Ember Rev play seamless sets of rhythm-driven art-rock, reworking and repurposing familiar forms that recall the percussive Africana of Talking Heads and the accordian-led romance of Arcade Fire.
Alternately rattling with glockenspiels then looping and stuttering, it’s a sound that demands you keep coming back.
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