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by Ember Rev

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Mir I 02:52
Mercurial 04:17
There was a house on a hill Well I said was it’s there still And in that house lived a man Wild and mercurial Features fixed as if of stone He’d bear his burdens alone Then out of nowhere summon storms Wild and mercurial But all he had was all that he could gather All he had was all that he could gather Yes all he had was here in these hands There was a house beyond the scree Under cover of trees Where the old retainer, And his wild and mercurial, child Lived out the days Turning the soil Making hay Yes in that house was a home And in that home lived a daughter Of the hills, hollows and vale But all they had was all that they could gather; All they had was all that they could gather Yes all they had was here in these hands
Down by the sycamore trees In the fleet foothills far below Hand to mouth to hand.. To raise, reap and sow He stood expressionlessly Straight-faced and still as stone Pulling punches aside As the storms hit home ‘Like Dives and Lazarus’ he cried ‘We’re cast as down and out Listen.... you can hear him Scream and shout: follow me!’ Listen.... you can hear him Scream and shout: do as I command!’ Down by degenerate law As a raw and wretched youth He held a shell to his ear And heard a new truth Lazarus is not my name Though your servant Lazarus is not my name! Dives you are, but Lazarus is not my name!
Carousels 03:49
The twisted river turned at your door And on toward the sea I was heading downstream And saw you there I should have thought to linger a while Having lost so much in haste Why, I’ll never know, why I’ll never know Maybe you’d return... And as the day turned toward the night I was heading back upstream I heard the sound of your horses bolt I should’ve stayed, Should’ve stayed a while Having lost so much in haste Why, I’ll never know, why I’ll never know Maybe you’d return... And should I ever fail you Should I act as if I don’t care Then look away, look away And let me be the perfect stranger For I’m a poor boy don’t you know Born of little more than love In spite of it all Just a poor boy don’t you know... These days, these days Born of some utopian ideal Forged and furnaced in the heart Then tempered by the insignificance Of it all For I’m just a poor boy don’t you know..
Underdogs 06:17
We’re not the heathen at your door We’re not the ones you’re looking for We’re not the infidel You’re not the redeemer You’re not the one who’ll save us all You’re not the healer And ‘though I was blind Blinded from the start And couldn’t see what was right there In front of me I’m gonna hold you in contempt of heart For underdog, like me, you are For underdogs, like us, you are Well it’s not for me that you speak It’s not for me, not for me It’s not for me that you speak... For although you claim your kingdom I was here, my blood runs through The whispering springs sing my name.
Ecco 01:28
This was a land fit for Kings Well, I say ‘was’, we still stand To sing our songs of victory But I’d collapsed into your arms And like a child safe from harm I turned away Protected from the cruel and bitter winter And all we had was all that we could gather All we had was all that we could gather All we had was here in these hands…
Mir II 07:28


The title, Isolophilia, refers to something that I think all musicians appreciate, the opportunity to hide away from all distractions and focus on creating something personal and in some way meaningful. I’ve no idea what anyone will think of our music, I mean I hope they like it, but it comes from a very sparse and solitary place, possibly again as a consequence of lockdown, which in the early months was pretty alarming. For me music often emerges from pictures and I had a print of Edward Hopper’s Lighthouse on Cape Cod which would have been the ideal album cover; it fitted with the lyric: ‘There was a house on a hill / Well I say ‘was’, it’s there still’ which you hear in the song ‘Mercurial’. I looked around and found the image that you see on the album cover and that stayed uppermost in my mind throughout the process. A very vague narrative emerged, of a kind of King Canute living in the house issuing orders across his fiefdom to lowly retainers living servile existences around the valley. And this informed most of the lyrics but I didn’t really want another story per se, as ‘From the country…’ had followed a very linear curve. This needed to be different, less specific.

Dan Ecclestone June 2022


released July 8, 2022

Words & Music by Dan Ecclestone

Produced & Mixed by David Youngs

Mastered by Ian Shepherd at Mastering Media

Ember Rev:

Dan Ecclestone: Vocals & Guitar

Chris Peckham: Accordian

Dom Hall-Smith: Bass

David Youngs: Drums & Percussion

Also featuring Romy Gensale & Alex Jenner: Backing Vocals


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Ember Rev Cambridge, UK

Ember Rev play seamless sets of rhythm-driven art-rock, reworking and repurposing familiar forms that recall the percussive Africana of Talking Heads and the accordian-led romance of Arcade Fire.
Alternately rattling with glockenspiels then looping and stuttering, it’s a sound that demands you keep coming back.
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